Serebryanyi Rodnik


Deka Company has been bottling Silver Spring natural mineral water since 1994. The well is located on the territory of the enterprise.

The source of the mineral water lies at the depth of 105 meters and is reliably protected from outside influences by the upper layer of the soil. This layer of soil is rightfully called “the water-tight layer.” It consists of two layers of earth of heavy granulometric composition - glacial and ilmen clay lying at depths of 13 and 10 meters respectively. Due to such thick soil protection, Silver Spring water is reliably protected from rainwater or other admixtures, which would be difficult to prevent in sands.

Deka has adopted all the necessary measures for equipping and managing the well: the layer being used for extraction has been insulated from other layers, some sections have been cemented, and air-tight equipment has been installed around the collar of the well. Due to this, the quality of water does not change adversely, and the customers get a real natural water.
Silver Spring water is delivered along a pipeline from the well to the bottling section. This allows to keep the water bacteriologically clean; its taste and useful properties are not affected by any external factors, and it retains its natural power and healing properties.

Silver Spring mineral water not only quenches your thirst but removes slags and toxins from your body. It is also bacteriologically clean and good for digestion.
It can be drunk in any quantities. Its beneficial properties are undoubted. Its taste and useful properties have been praised by experts.
Silver Spring mineral water has won many prizes.


Mineral quasi-medicinal drinking water with magnesium, calcium and sodium (calcium-sodium group, “Silver Spring, well No. H-10-94”).

Certificate of state registration No. RU dd. 22.03.2011

The balneological conclusion of the Russian Science Center of Rehabilitation Medicine and Spa Studies (FPE RCC RM&SS of the Russian Ministry of Health), sanitary and microbiological indicators of the product correspond to normative requirements. In accordance with the classification of mineral waters by the Russian Ministry of Health, Silver Spring Mineral Water is the quasi-medicinal natural drinking water, closest to Group XXIV (according to GOST 13273-88 “Table and Quasi-Medicinal Drinking Waters” closest to Group XXVII), and is indicated in the following cases:

  • Diseases of the digestive tract, liver, and bile ducts;
  • Metabolism problems;
  • Digestive tract problems after surgery.

The water can also be used for courses of treatment at sanatoriums and spas, and for industrial bottling.


Packaging and Volume:

Volume Number of bottles per package Number of packages per pallette
1,4 liters 6 72

Type of Packaging: PET

Best if consumed within: 12 months