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ERSH Mead will be enjoyed by those who love fermented drinks with a fairly-high content of alcohol. Despite the relatively high content of alcohol, our new product is easy to drink because of the honey content, which makes the drink mild.

ERSH Mead is the ideal beverage for real Russian men. With its bright and attractive packaging, the image of the drink is bold and aggressive, as is its name.


Packaging and Volume:

Volume Number of bottles/cans per package Number of packages per pallette
1,0 liter 6 105
1,4 liters 6 72
0,5 liter 24 63

Type of Packaging: PET and cans

Best if consumed within: 6 months

Nutrition Information: carbohydrates no more than 6.0 g/100 g of the drink

Energy: 60 kcal / 100 grams of beer

Original Extract: 12,2 %

Alcohol by volume: 5,9 %

Ingredients: purified water, light barley malt, malt extract, sugar, honey, burnt malt extract, hops.