Production technology

The main raw materials for the making of kvass are yeast, sugar, and kvass mash concentrate (KMC). First, sugar syrup is prepared in the mixing section, from where it heads to production. The kvass mash concentrate is sterilized and chilled. Then yeast is added to the kvass mash. Then the KMC, syrup, yeast and prepared water are delivered to the fermentation and mixing container (FMC), and the fermentation process begins at a certain temperature for a certain time. Then the FMC is chilled. In this process the degree of acidity and density of the kvass is adjusted. Following that, the ready kvass is delivered to filtration/separation. Then the kvass is delivered from the ready product containers onto the bottling line, where it is pasteurized and poured into sterile bottles. The clean production process guarantees longer storage periods. The products are made without preservatives.