Milyi Dom Milyi Dom Milyi Dom

Milyi Dom Kvass is a bread drink made according to a unique recipe designed by Deka Company experts. To balance the taste of the drink, we use four types of hops which make the kvass bouquet richer, with notes of freshly baked cumin and coriander spiced bread.

Milyi Dom is a product prepared with love and care for our consumers. The light and easy to drink kvass will become a favorite among all members of the family, a permanent fixture on the family’s list of groceries.


Packaging and Volume:

 Volume:     Number of bottles/cans per package      Number of packages per pallette
1,4 liters 6 72
3 liters 6 48
0,5 liter 12 112

Type of Packaging: PET аnd cans

Best if consumed within: 366 days

Nutritional Information: 8,0g/100g

Energy: 50 kcal/100g

Ingredients: purified water, sugar, wheat malt, rye, malt barley caramel, light barley malt, rye malt, rye flour, acidity regulator - lactic acid, coriander extract, cumin extract, baker's yeast.