Deka Company is the largest manufacturer of live fermentation kvass in Russia.

All of the kvass beverages manufactured at Deka are made according to ancient Russian recipes with the technology of live fermentation, from rye and barley malt. Our product has high energy value, improves health, invigorates, tonifies and has an overall positive influence on the drinker. The useful microflora and vitamins in the kvass help normalize metabolism.

It is a well-known fact that natural kvass quenches thirst, invigorates and restores energy, allowing you to work productively. It also renders a positive influence on digestion. Traditional Russian cuisine contains more than 50 dishes made with kvass (the best-known today are cold soups – okroshka, svekolnik, botvinya). The Russian word “kvass” comes from the verb “kvasit,” “to ferment” in Old Russian. Indeed, traditional Russian kvass is a product of incomplete alcohol or lactic acid fermentation. Authentic kvass is a live beverage with fermentation products (sugar, lactic acid bacteria, yeast). In terms of influence on the body, authentic fermented kvass is similar to kumys, buttermilk or lapper milk. It improves metabolism, regulates digestion, invigorates and improves your working capacity because it contains lots of energy.

The production facilities and unique recipes of Deka have allowed the company to create a diversified portfolio of four kvass brands, each of which occupies a special niche on the market. In addition to its own brands, Deka company also has considerable experience producing kvass for large national chains – X5, Lenta, Auchan, Okay, Polushka, Dixy, Magnit, and others, and bottling kvass for private labels. Each kind of kvass has its own unique recipe. Based on its rich experience in kvass brewing, and the cutting-edge equipment at its facilities, Deka always offers its customers the very best products that are useful and always of the highest quality.