MegaBier (TM) beer is made according to the traditional German technology of brewing lager beer.

MegaBier is a classic light beer of golden color, easily drinkable, with a delicate hops aroma and good foaming properties. Filtered. Contains no preservatives.

Affordable price makes the product attractive for fans of German beer

Megabier (TM) is one of the high-quality brands of beer in the lager category in terms of its taste qualities.

Best if chilled to 7-9 degrees before serving.


Packaging and Volume:

Volume: Number of bottles per package Number of packages per pallette
1,4 liters 6 72

Type of Packaging: PET

Best if consumed within: 181 days 

Nutrition Information: carbohydrates no more than 4.6 g/100 g of beer

Energy: 42 kcal / 100 grams of beer

Original Extract: 11%

Alcohol by volume: 4.5%

Ingredients: purified water, light barley malt, beer barley, sugar, hops.