Český ležák


History of “Deka” brewery dates from 1878, when Grigory Maksimovich Smetanin, a merchant belonging to the top guild, was granted a permit from Novgorod Administrative Board of City on construction of “Bogemia” brewery.

Gifted by nature with entrepreneurial skills and energy, from his green years Grigory Maksimovich carried on the trade of bread, increased the capital, and simultaneously made a search of best brewers from Bavaria, Austria and Czech Republic for establishment manufacture of beer in Novgorod lands.

Merchant Smetanin referred to the experience of brewers from around the world, trying to adopt their skills and workmanship in preparing a really tasty beer, however, he singled out a young, but rather experienced in his business Czech brewer Anton Smazhik, who came to Veliky Novgorod directly from Czech town Limuz and brought over production secrets of famous Czech beer.

A lot of work was done to create a unique formula of Czech beer, where the foam is light and stable, where the aroma is clear and hopped, and the color is gold as rye. And then, at last, the young prodigy managed to create a classical brand of Czech lager beer, which became called “Český ležák”.

Then the whole market of Novgorod government was served with “Český ležák” beer. But time dictated its rules. During the revolution the brewery stopped at all, and by the beginning of the 70s years of the 20th century the city expanded, and the brewery could not provide all beer lovers with its products any longer.

Fortunately for us, it was managed to preserve a formula of "Český ležák" to our days, and experience of “Deka” technologists helped to revive the lost.

Thus, at the end of 2016 “Deka” again is starting to gladden its consumers with real Czech beer with a rich history.

About product

 Český ležák (“Czech Lezhak”) is a classical light beer of lager type with deep amber color, gentle aftertaste, pleasant hoppy bitterness, rich flavor and notes of light caramel.

Consumers, undoubtedly, will duly appreciate the well balanced flavor, rich light white foam of “Český ležák”.

The drink will hit the taste both the lovers of specifically Czech beer, and all connoisseurs of high-quality tasty foamy drink.


Packaging and Volume:


Number of cans in the pack

 Number of packs on a pallet

0.5 liter



Tape of Packaging: cans

Best if consumed within:  12 months

Nutrition Information: carbohydrates no more than 5.0 g/ 100g

Energy: 50 kcal/ 100g

Original Extract: 12%

Alcohol by volume: 4.7%

Composition: purified water, light malted barley, hops