Deka Company has its own testing laboratory.

Testing equipment, measuring equipment and measurement methods correspond to the requirements of the Unified State System of Measurements and the applicable regulations governing testing methods.

All standards, manuals, instructions, reference materials and other documents used in the work of the testing lab are regularly updated and available to staff.

The testing lab uses the methods and procedures established by the standards and/or technical specifications pursuant to which the products are tested. These documents are available to the staff responsible for testing.

The testing lab has well-regulated and officially-documented working procedures that accompany the entire testing process, from accepting the order to delivering the testing report. This guarantees the stability of technological operations in the lab.

The quality of the product is checked at every stage of the technological process by the enterprise’s testing lab. The testing lab consists of the following subdivisions: incoming control of raw materials and products, physical-chemical and macrobiological control at each stage of production. The microbiological section of the testing lab has been licensed to work with microorganisms of the 4th group of pathogenicity.

Laboratory staff are duly-qualified professionals who undergo regular in-service training. Each laboratory staff member has a job description that determines their functions, duties, rights and responsibilities, and qualification requirements in terms of education, technical knowledge and experience.

Cutting-edge testing equipment of international caliber is used for quality control. State-of-the-art testing methods are regularly introduced in the lab. The laboratory has certified testing and auxiliary equipment, the necessary certified measuring equipment, and all of the consumables (chemical reactants, substances, etc.) needed for adequate testing and measurements, as required to maintain the laboratory’s competence.