Product quality inspection

All the products made by Deka have been certified, with a high-quality system of production control, which allows to monitor the quality of the product at each stage of the technological process.

Our quality service regularly tests the drink, including professional degustation sessions to confirm the quality of the product, as well as comparative degustations with products of competitors and other producers.

The analysis of degustation results shows that the quality of products is maintained at a very high level, and any deviations from the typical profile are random. In comparative degustations Deka company products are always among the top three best products.

Quality and safety of products is assured by round-the-clock lab control at all stages of the process, and regular sampling at all stages: in-coming control of raw products and materials, the quality of the ready products, the documentation of ready products and the conditions of storage of products at the warehouse of ready products.

Deka Company enterprises are certified as compliant with international systems of quality management and food product safety - ISO 9001, and ISO 22000 (НАССР). In 2014 Deka Company has successfully completed certification according to IS/TS 22002-1 international standard (FSSC certification scheme).

Today Deka Company is the first manufacturer among all enterprises in the sector to complete this certification.