V.V. Minina, the First Vice-Governor of Novgorod Region, Visited Deka JSC

Replenishment of budget receipts is the priority task of regional authorities. One of the ways of its solution is support of important investment projects. On September 5, 2016 Veronica Minina, the First Vice-Governor, visited Deka Joint-Stock Company. 

Модернизация на Деке

This year the company is actively investing in production development. New pouring machines were purchased, super state of the art brewing shop is being installed now. The updating will allow to considerably increase the output, and this also means significant increase of tax deductions. By the way, Deka’s share in the regional budget is increasing every year. Over the last 5 years the total amount doubled. Deka management has a lot to demonstrate. This year the brewery was reconstructed on a large scale. Equipment was renewed in practically every shop. New tanks for beer fermentation were installed as well as a new line for pouring into aluminum cans, the capacity of which is 40 thousand cans per hour. In the past all products were sold in PET bottles only, but the times dictate their rules, especially when the output of the enterprise is to increase considerably soon, two and a half times in case of beer only. The new brewing shop is being built at full speed now. 

Nikolay Levitsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Deka OJSC, explained: “We dismantled everything, poured concrete and we are assembling a new brewing setup. I think that we’ll complete construction and assembly in a month and we’ll begin start-up and adjustment. I think that we’ll see products made at the new brewing setup already in October”.
 Ultra state of the art equipment will be installed in the new shop. The beer quality will improve after its launching. But still Deka is better known as a manufacturer of high quality and tasty kvass under various names. The enterprise is the leader in Russia with the market share up to 40%. Besides, the enterprise makes mead and other beverages on the basis of live fermentation. Nikolay Levitsky says that the enterprise spent hundreds of millions Rubles on renovation. They managed to bring the project into life thanks to the support of the regional government. This enterprise is very important for our Region. The number of personnel exceeds 750 people. It is regularly the second in deductions to the regional budget, with only Akron ahead of it. 

“The modern shareholders re-equipped the plant, and this allowed to get about 300 mln tax revenues additionally this year, that is 678 mln excise duties on beer products additionally, and 260 mln excise duties on mead only. The big reconstructed building, to which the most state of the art brewing equipment is purchased, will allow to increase such tax payments up to one billion Rubles”, Veronica Minina, the First Vice-Governor of Novgorod Region, said. 
According to Veronica Minina, the government of the Region will support the enterprise in future as well. In particular, the company may be granted privileges: property tax and profit tax exemptions. Nowadays many brands made by Deka have already become federal brands. One can see the plant’s products on shop counters in practically any region of the country, and what is more, they are exported to a number of European states as well as to China and the USA.