Residents of the Dutch City of Kampen Appreciated the Taste of Nikola Kvass from Novgorod


On June 15, Nikola kvass together with the Veliky Novgorod delegation visited the Dutch city of Kampen where the 37th International Hanseatic Days of New Time were launched. 100 cities from 14 countries of the world took part in the big festival.

The rich Hansa program included official meetings, workshops, exhibitions, performances by creative groups and certainly the most attention-getting event – the medieval market. Residents of the cities included in the Hanseatic Leagues are always impatiently waiting for the festival to begin, as it is possible to quickly familiarize oneself with the culture of other states, buy souvenirs and even plan your vacation. Veliky Novgorod was presented to residents of Kampen and guests of the city in all its beauty thanks to the Tourism Development Center “Krasnaya Izba”. Every year residents of Novgorod treat their guest with traditional Novgorod beverages made by Deka Company – Nikola kvass and Lesok juice drink.

On June 18, the Hansa banner was given to the German city of Rostock at the closing ceremony, this city will arrange the Hanseatic Days in 2018.