Nikola Kvass Took Part in Hanseatic Week


From May 15 to 21, Veliky Novgorod celebrated the 25th anniversary of joining the Hanseatic League of New Time. Shows adapted for the stage, thematic forums, open lessons, medieval music and food festivals were held for residents of Novgorod and guests of the city during the whole week.

On May 18, the Hanseatic Court was set up by the Vasilyev House of Culture as a part of the Hanseatic Week. There were master classes, exhibition of various decorations and articles as well as a concert by students studying in the Vasilyev House of Culture. The highlight of the program was the performance by pupils of the 1 А grade, school #14 of Veliky Novgorod. The children and their teacher presented “Sadko”, a performance about a merchant from Novgorod and daughters of the Sea King. The performance was really interesting as musical accompaniment was selected for scenes as well as choreographic etudes, all costumes were sewn and thought up by pupils’ parents. Yuri Bobryshev, the Mayor of Veliky Novgorod, came to see exactly this performance. After it the children got a storm of applause as well as were presented with Nikola kvass which was most welcome on that first warm day. 

The Big Hanseatic Trip Festival was the final event of the Hanseatic Week, it took place in Yaroslav’s Dvorishche (Court). A medieval market was set up for guests by the Hanseatic fountain.  Creative groups from Veliky Novgorod and Region as well as actors from foreign Hanseatic cities presented a concert program. The prize shop was arranged for the active participants of master classes and concerts where it was possible to get tasty Nikola kvass. It was also possible to taste the Deka Company products in the tent of the Tourist Development Center “Krasnaya Izba”. Nikola kvass and Lesok juice drink were liked by Novgorod residents and guests of the city.