Nikola Kvass Said Farewell to Winter Together with Krasnodar Residents!


On February 26, people said farewell to winter in the Krasnodar public garden. More than 7,000 guests assembled for the traditional Maslenitsa (Slavic Pancake Festival) open-air merry-making at the Dacha Radio venue. Nikola kvass was the festival’s partner for the second time in a row. It was possible to get a whole package of the tasty drink for taking part in the tug-of-war contest. After refreshing with Nikola kvass, guests of the festival could try themselves in traditional for Maslenitsa popular entertainments, for example, pole climbing!

Popular performance groups entertained people on that sunny day: Ukrop (Dill) show group, Zhar-Ptitsa (Firebird) folk group and Mlada ensemble. Deka Company congratulates everyone with spring that has come. People, have a good time, drink Nikola kvass!