Nikola Kvass No. 1 in Russia!


For the fifth year in a row Nikola brand wins “Brand No. 1 in Russia” Consumer Trust Award in the category of Kvass Drinks. This prize is a prestigious award among manufacturers of products and services. The news came on November 7, after the popular vote which was held across the country on October 10-24, was summed up. Any Russian citizen could fill out a form on the website of the prize, in electronic mass media or in social network.  The form included no guiding questions of a list of brands. Consumers had to write in the brands that they remembered and thought were the best, the brands that they trusted, loved and were ready to recommend to others. More than 200,000 Russian residents voted for the best products and services. A total of 65 companies were recognized as No. 1 companies in their sector in Russia.    

“Brand No. 1 Prize is very valuable and much honored prize because it reflects the opinion of ordinary people, our customers. Those who love Nikola kvass, who choose it every day. It is a recognition of nation-wide love for Nikola and respect for the work Deka Company is doing”  General Director of Deka Company Elena Novikova said.

The presentation of the awards will be held on December 17, 2016 in the State Kremlin Palace.