Milyi dom kvass rared by Redis Business Club delegation members

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On March 24, the foyer of Arensky Novgorod Regional Philharmonic Society hosted a visit of top officials of Redis Business Class Retail to a tasting exhibition of products of Novgorod Region enterprises. The presented products were produced by Lactis CJSC, Lyuboni TM, Maslyanyi Korol TM, Myakishi and Novgorodkhleb. Deka Company presented its main brands: Nikola Kvass, S.O.V.A. Energy Drink, Boro-Da Beer, Petrogradskoe Beer, and the new product of this season - Milyi Dom Kvass. The new kvass was an instant winner among the guests. Many of those who tasted the drink, praised its unusual and pleasant taste. 

The members of the Redis Business Class Club delegation underscored the broad range of opportunities in the sphere of trade development in Novgorod Region.