Kvass “Nikola” supported Film Festival “Veche”


On November 4 the 10th Anniversary Film Festival “Veche”, arranged by a famous filmmaker, People’s Artist of Russia Svetlana Druzhinina, has opened its door in Veliky Novgorod. The opening was attended by famous actors, filmmakers and cameramen of native cinematograph: Dmitry Kharatyan, Ilya Noskov, Sergey Dorogov, Yury Vasilyev, Larisa Luzhina, Yury Mukasey and many others. The governor of Novgorod oblast Sergey Gerasimovich Mitin opened the Anniversary Film Festival with a welcome speech.

The reputed guests were met according to all rules of Novgorod hospitality. At lunches and dinners tables were full of dishes of native Russian cuisine and, certainly, kvass “Nikola is a true kvass of living fermentation”, a gastronomic symbol of Veliky Novgorod. “Nikola” logotype also was present in all printing materials: posters, programmes, entrance and invitation tickets.

The Film Festival lasted for four days. For this time the spectator could see interesting historical native films, among which “Hero” by Yury Vasilyev, “Champions” by Artem Aksenenko and “Contribution” by Sergey Snezhkin and many others. The Novgorodians could get to all showings by a single subscription. There were totally 180 film-shows, and three thousand spectators attended the cinema center.

The 10th Festival was really a unique and spectacular event. Costumes, engaged in solemn ceremonies, were furnished by Mosfilm. Among them there were dresses from a new film about Garde-marines. And, in particular, the costume of the master of cinema forum opening ceremony – Caterina II, whose role was played by the Honored Actress of Russia Natalya Moskvina, was from the personal collection of designer Igor Dadiani.
On November 8 the Film Festival finished its work. The competent jury summed up: The Best Debut –  Dima Bilan, the Best Script Writer – Philipp Abryutin for “Rogers Bay Tragedy”, and historical and mystical comedy “Monk and Demon” by a filmmaker Nikolay Dostal was recognized by the jury as the Best Film of 2016.