Headwork with Boroda


On May 17, the Boroda brand was the key beverage in the Headwork Quiz. 
The Headwork is a new intellectual project. The Headwork follows the traditions of classical pub quiz. The Headwork combined all the best there is today in similar projects.  

Every Headwork game consists of 7 rounds, each of the rounds is thematic. It can be dedicated to either an event or some subject. There are 10 questions every team has to answer in each round. Every question can be presented in one of several formats, e.g. as a picture, audio or video. 

Such a tournament took place in Veliky Novrogod in the Dom Byta (Consumer Services Center) Loft Bar, and Boroda Dunkel and Craft beer as prizes were received by the players with great interest. According to the organizers, this is a game for cheerful and active young people, preferring recreation with friends in the intellectual rivalry environment. Well, and a glass or a couple of good beer, Boroda in our case, and tasty snacks do not interfere with the game. Because of that we hope for cooperation in future!