Deka Company raises the issues important for mead and kvass producers at the meeting with Vladimir Putin


On April 18, the President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin came to Veliky Novgorod on an official visit. He visited the multi-function center “My Documents” and also met with representatives of the Novgorod Region business there. Elena Novikova, CEO of Deka JSC, was invited to the meeting. She raised the issue of excise duties on such a product as mead, which the company makes besides kvass, beer and juice-containing beverages. The excise duty on mead – a traditional Russian heady beverage – increased more than twice: from RUB 9 up to RUB 21. 

She offered to include mead in the list of agricultural products (as it was recently done for wine with protected geographical indication) as this product is originally Russian and made only from domestic raw materials. Vladimir Putin answered that mead producers were undeservedly hurt and ordered the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov to work out this issue. Elena Viktorovna also offered to include kvass in the government purchases list for the Army. 

Kvass is rich in calories, it’s a healthy product which will excellently suit for nourishment of Army men. The President agreed with that as well and said that he would discuss the issue of kvass’ inclusion in the list of products bought for the Army with the Head of the Ministry of Defense Sergey Shoygu.
 “It’s extremely important for us to feel the state’s support,” Elena Viktorovna Novikova, CEO of Deka JSC, said. “Mead is a traditional beverage, we make it from natural domestic raw materials and setting a high excise duty on it means making it less competitive for consumers because of the high shelf price. I am very happy that Vladimir Vladimirovich took notice of this evident injustice in case of mead manufacturers and I hope that the situation will change now.”