Deka company presents its new products at Prodexpo-2018

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Deka Company has taken part in Prodexpo-2018, the largest food exhibition in Russia.
The annual 25th edition of the event started on February 5, and ended on February 9. 
This year Deka presented its two main brands - S.O.V.A. energy drink and Boro-DA beer on its stand.
The guests of the event visited a real pub, where the barman treated them to new kinds of Boro-DA beer, and told them more about each of the beers, helping each guest to find his or her favorite beer variety.  

S.O.V.A. energy drink was available to anyone, as trade assistants distributed free 0.25 liter cans throughout the event.

The company’s stand presented new products as well: Milyi Dom kvass, S.O.V.A. grapefruit energy drink, Champion and Petrogradskoe beers.

In addition to new products, Deka also presented its main brands: Nikola Kvass, Lesok, Begabier, and many others. 
A number of meetings and negotiations were held, which allowed not only to expand the geography of sales, but solidify the company’s position on the market.