Boro•da Beer Launched a Series of Evening Parties in PLATFORMA Club

Платформа борода.jpg

On July 8, the first grand evening party arranged by Boro•da beer took place in PLATFORMA club in the city of Sochi.
Boro•da video projection was made specially for this party on the club’s dome, and it was the main special feature of the evening.
Guests enjoyed themselves till morning surrounded by promo-girls, and the main headliner of the night was top English DJ BETOKO, who made the beau monde of Sochi dance till morning. 
PLATFORMA is an entertainment venue in Sochi with a unique concept, combining high-quality music, dances, performance, art, fashion, design and new technologies.

Don’t miss the next Boro•da party in PLATFORMA club that will take place on July 15!