Preparation and training of professionals

1. Preparation and Training of Staff

The company dedicates a total of some RUB 2 mln for staff training. Training is provided in many areas of production and non-production processes, because technologies and equipment are being constantly developed and upgraded along with legislative requirements. Annual training in various areas is completed by engineers, technologies, accountants, lawyers, HR staff, sales managers, logistics specialists and warehouse staff.

In order to attract young experts, the enterprise annually provides more than 60 places for internship and practica of students and graduates of institutions of secondary and higher special education. Young people not only acquire basic practical skills and first experience; many of them decide to apply for a full-time job with Deka.

2. Staff Attestation

In order to increase responsibility of employees for their work, build their motivation for professional growth since 2008 the company carries out staff attestation. The comprehensive staff attestation was carried out in the winter of 2008 and throughout 2009 in accordance with the approved company policy. Now attestation is carried out at least once every three years, or when required, due to changes in equipment, technology and legislation.