Corporate New Year

This holiday is very traditional, and is considered a family celebration. This is the time to look back at the past year, and create plans for the future. It is considered to be a happy moment of recreation and fun after a long and hard year of work. This is why the corporate New Year celebration follows the tradition:

  • It is celebrated by all the employees together, as they gather around a table;
  • The results of the year are summarized and plans for the future are discussed;
  • The staff members who achieved the best results in the past year and contributed significantly to development of the enterprise are awarded;
  • • An entertainment program is put together to allow people to have fun, to bond, and interact informally.

2012 – Hipster Show

The theme of the party was Hipster Show. All the guests were encouraged to put on a hipster costume: a bouffant skirt and a wiglet, a bright tie and a tall hairdo. Deka staff paired with professional directors to create a show that presented the preparation to a New Year program at some plant.

2011 - Deka Film Prize

The staff made five short films, remakes of famous Soviet comedies. All the volunteers - 60 in number - were split into 5 teams. The participants created the scripts, distributed the parts, and professional organizers helped select costumes and shoot interesting and fun films. All the masterpieces of film art were presented at the ceremony, and the audience voted for the best film of the year. Traditionally, the celebration takes place in the City Drama Theater. It includes a reception and a show program. For three years in a row, staff members have prepared a show program, directed by a professional agency.

2010 - Step Toward You Musical

The staff presented a 40 minute musical, entitled “Step Toward You.” The musical told the love story of Nikola and a girl named Masha, which took place during the magical Christmas season.

2009 - Deka Lights Up the Stars Concert

Staff members created a show entitled “Deka Lights Up the Stars,” presenting their own talents: dances, sings, poems, acrobatic performances, etc.