Your Career in Deka

Deka Company is a major production enterprise engaged in some 200 types of processes and operations in various fields of activity. In this sense Deka, just like other production enterprises is an excellent place for an employee to continue developing and building his or her career.

Career development includes not only promotion (vertical career) but also mastery of new professional skills enabling the employee to work on more complex and bigger tasks without changing their workplace (horizontal career). This type of career may help an employee to become truly invaluable in his or her profession, as the legendary Levsha the Blacksmith, who shod a flea.

There are many people in our company who built their career in just a few years, and are still developing and improving their skills today. Many of them are young people who started their professional career immediately upon graduating from college. We support our employees’ aspirations for career growth because it allows us to keep and improve our most important assets - human resources, and produces a considerable economic effect. High-class employees allow us not to invite outsiders or foreign experts and helps us achieve our goals faster, which considerably improves our productivity.