Company history

  • 1878

    History of Deka Beer Brewery started in 1878 when Merchant of the First Guild G. M. Smetanin received the permit of the Novgorod City Hall to build Bogemia Brewery.

  • 1913

    By 1913 the brewery produced 200,000 buckets of beer and 40,000 buckets of fruit mead. Bogemia’s beer went on sale throughout the Novgorod Region. The quality of the drinks was so high that the demand for Bogemia exceeded the offer. The head brewer at the enterprise was Anton Vaclavich Smazik who came in 1914 to Novgorod from the Czech town of Limuzy, bringing with him the secrets of brewing the famous Czech beer.

  • 1914

    In the years before WWI the company started building and equipping a new brewery with the output capacity of 600,000 buckets of beer a year. The war and the events of the 1917 revolution stood in the way of the plans. The number of employees also fell, from 78 in 1914 to 47 in 1916. .

  • 1917

    In 1917 beer brewing was discontinued and the company produced only fruit drinks (fruit mead).

  • In the late 1918 the premises of the enterprise were turned over to the Novgorod Governarate Committee for Food (Gubprodkom).

  • 1924

    In May 1924 Bogemia was acquired by new owners and became a cooperative society under the name “Bogemia Beer and Mead Brewing Partnership.”

    In July 1928, after the liquidation of the Novgorod Governorate, Novgorod City Soviet decided to close down “Bogemia Beer and Mead Brewery” as an independent legal entity.

    In October 1938 the decision was adopted to restore the beer and mead brewery, the former Bogemia.

  • 1946

    During the occupation of Novgorod during WWII, Bogemia, as most buildings in the city, was partially demolished. Reconstruction was completed by the third quarter of 1946, and the output capacity was rated at 30,000 hectaliters of beer a year. The new brewery produced only beer, the famous original name of the enterprise with its glorious history - Bogemia Beer and Mead Brewery was not reinstated.

  • 1973

    In 1973 the plant acquired new production facilities and technical equipment of cutting-edge quality.

  • . In 1976-1986 it was a part of the Beer and Soft Drink Industry Corporation.

    In 1986 the enterprise was renamed “Novgorodsky Beer and Soft Drink Enterprise.

  • 1992

    In October 1992 the enterprise was registered as Deka Open Joint-Stock Society. After the new plant became operational, and until 1990 Bogemia still produced natural bread kvass.

  • 2004

    In 2004 the company started the full-scale reconstruction of the Deka production facilities and premises, and new modern hi-tech equipment was installed.

  • 2005

    In 2005 the company returned to making kvass, and that brought about its active development. The first trade mark of the enterprise was Nikola kvass. The first batch of the kvass was brewed on April 22, 2005. In 2006 Deka became a national company. In the summer of the same year the first containers of Nikola Kvass were shipped to New York. Sales results showed that American consumers were interested in the traditional Russian drink.

  • 2008

    Reconstruction of the plant with installation of the new bottling line (KHS AG, made in 2007) with the capacity of 36,000 bottles an hour ended in 2008. In the same year Deka joyously celebrated its 130th anniversary.

  • 2009

    In the spring of 2009 Deka Company launched the new Big Kvass brand. The idea of Big Kvass was born when the consumer behavior changed in economic conditions of the late 2008.

  • 2010

    In the same year Deka added a new brand, Stepan Timofeevich, to its brand portfolio, thus increasing its presence in St. Petersburg. Since October 2009 Stepan Timofeevich was bottled at a Deka facility, with the same delicious taste of the favorite class and an improved recipe. Additionally, in 2010 Deka created a new design for Stepan Timofeevich kvass, and started the first advertising campaign in the history of the brand.

    In May 2010 Deka Company created a new design for Nikola kvass.

  • 2011

    In 2011 Deka launched a new advertising campaign, which became the strongest promotional event in the company’s history, making Deka even more popular. In 2011 Deka became the largest Russian producer of kvass with the market share of 37.7%. Of ten largest brands in terms of sales volume, six brands are manufactured by Deka, which allows the company to take the dominating position on the market of kvass as a manufacturer.

  • 2012

    In 2012 the flagship brand of Deka, Nikola(TM) became one of the best Russian brands, created after 2005, according to Forbes Magazine.

  • 2014

    In 2014 a large-scale advertising campaign was held to promote Nikola Kvass. The face of the new product was actor Nikolay Naumov, famous for his role in “Real Guys” TV series. Nikolay’s task was to attract a younger audience, offer an alternative to artificial carbonated drink: the tasty and nutritious Nikola kvass.

  • 2015

    On April 22, 2015 Nikola Kvass brand celebrated its tenth anniversary. Over this time Nikola became the most famous kvass brand across Russia, the leader of sales. Every citizen of Russia learned about Deka Company, and Novgorod became the capital of kvass.