Our Company

Deka Company is the leader among Russian manufacturers of kvass. In addition to kvass Deka also is the leader on the market of beer, energy drinks,  juice-containing drinks, mineral water and mead.

The company’s production facility is located in Velikiy Novgorod. Deka employes more than 750 people.

In the kvass category the company has a unique diversified brand portfolio, with each of the brands taking up a special niche on the market. Precise positioning of trade marks allows to provide presence in all market niches: discount – private labels, lower mainstream – Big Kvass, Khlebny, mainstream – Nikola, Stepan Timofeevich.

In addition to kvass the company also produces several beer products, such as Zhigulevskoe, Big Beer, MegaBier, Krepkoe, Český ležák and Boroda.

In addition to its principal activities with live fermentation drinks, Deka produces juice-containing LeSok drinks and Serebryany Rodnik mineral water.

In 2013, considering the wide popularity of Nikola (TM) and the consumer trust, Deka company launched the mead product under the Nikola brand.

The company has received praise not only from the end consumers of the products but from other companies on the beer and soft drink market.

Today Deka Company is the largest manufacturer of high quality products for private labels of federal retail chains and co-packing projects.

The company sells and distributes its products in Russia, CIS countries, a number of countries in Europe, US and China.

We are always happy and open to cooperation!